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  • Bansko in March

    Posted on April 12, 2016 by in blog

    Spring in Bansko

    20160407_122213The Secret needs to be shared, Spring is the best time to be in Bansko. We all love the month long party that is our Christmas and New year shortly followed by (you get a week to recover) Orthodox Christmas and New year.  The low temperatures and amazing snows of January and February make for some perfect piste conditions but Bansko in March is what it is all about.20160407_122254

    There is an ancient goddess (Baba Marta) dedicated to the ferocity of the storms that can come through Bansko in March. Warm spring sunshine in the valley brings back the song birds and with them the first blossoms. This vernal season, of mild halcyon days is battered every year by Siberian storms, freezing temperatures and epic dumps of snow. On Monday I might be in shirt sleeves turning the flower beds wondering about flowers and the lawn mower and then by Wednesday I am tearing down Todorka through bone dry powder. Bansko in MarchThese wild shifts between summer and winter might have terrified the ancients into trying to pacify this wild goddess of spring but for me they make Bansko in March a wonderful time.  Bansko in MarchThe night before last we made pizza in the summer kitchen at home. The garden lush and green a gentle rain making us happy to be under cover and today, the 11th of April, I bombed through powder next to my father coasting down perfectly groomed pistes! Bansko in MarchBansko in March is when the fun starts. The competitions, the rallies, the parties and festivals every day there is something going on somewhere. The skiing is at its best and the town is buzzing.  Horizon Festival

    Horizon festival is loved by the old gods and every year is greeted tons and tons of snow. Ski-a-cross races, big air competitions, the Proikata ski mountaineering rally, Split the mountain board festival, Doncho invitational extreme skiing rally, The Mad Goat run.
    www.freemountains.comEvery day there is something and when you are not playing, drinking, partying there are the quiet lift queues leading to empty pistes and miles and miles of back-country. www.Freemountains.comThere is lots of fun going on in Bansko in March but those crazy crowds of the main school holidays just aren’t here. There is an intimate fun feel to the resort, Bansko in March is full of fun people who just love to ski, this is the month of the B.C. (before children), FtN (Flown the Nest) E.R. (earlier retirees) Ski Bums and seasonaires. The cheeky long weekenders, the boys trip, the girls trips. This is the month where you squeeze in just one more trip to the mountains before summer strips the hills of her white veil. This is the month of perfect corduroy under lapis skies. Bansko in MarchSpring is the time of dump after dump of powder. Panda eyes, cracked lips, sunburn and smiles.  Discounted lift passes and empty slopes, sitting in the sun drinking beer listening to the birds, ski boots and t shirts . Spring is the time to climb frost bound mountains in the dark to ski down to lunch on spring corn. Spring is the time for touring and trekking . March in Bansko is a great!


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