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The Restaurant

We serve food 4 nights a week.

More info below for what we do and on which nights.

Everyone is welcome, I recommend you book well in advance as they are popular events and space is limited.

Please book well in advance as we have limited space and lots of interest! Email is best :-


Monday Nights.

Wine tasting supper club.

Normally showcasing some very fine Bulgarian duck, a humongous salad and something locally made and sweet! Our supper club is a chance to taste a selection of wines from a Bulgarian winery.

Bulgarians have been making wine for thousands of years. The quality of Bulgarian wine is exceptional yet not widely known. Our supper club is a chance to try a red, white and a rose from one of Bulgaria’s great wine estates. unlike other wine tastings we are a very informal affair with a focus on quality AND quantity!

3 courses and over a bottle of wine per person!

45 leva a head.




Tuesday night Cocktails

Two for one on all our house cocktails from 6pm to 9pm

Years of dedicated drinking have gone into devising our house cocktails, devilishly strong and perfectly balanced, they are not for the faint hearted! To keep the drinks flowing we serve free bar snacks! Slow cooked ribs, pulled pork, tandoori chicken or whatever tickles my fancy, our snacks are served on pickled cucumber and a mini naan!

Avalon mini naan come with a variety of toppings that change every week

Avalon mini naan come with a variety of toppings 

Thursday and Friday nights are curry night.

Buffet of 9 different curries from all over Asia.

 35lv a head

Our curry nights are a celebration of food from the Indian subcontinent. I have spent many years collecting recipes from everywhere between Kabul and Trincomalee.  I focus on marinades and dry spices with mountains of naan from our tandoor.


Rich heavily spiced sauces for our north Indian curries and some wonderfully light aromatic spices for our Afghani grills. Below are some ideas I’ve had, I’ll be changing the menu weekly depending on what they have in the market.


We start the evening with a selection of Indian street food, Samosa, Bhaji, Sukuti and Papad

We have a good selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Our curry nights are served in a Sri Lankan style buffet.



Meat dishes

Korma, chicken mildly spiced with mint and Korma paste.

Kashmiri, pork with a rich Kashmiri blend of spices and a kick of chilli.

Afghani style chicken thighs with lemon cardamon and black pepper, mild and aromatic.

Tika, classic chicken Tika marinated in punjabi spices then finished in a yoghurt and tomato sauce.

Tandoori Chicken, simply marinated in a dry rub of Punjabi spice and then ferociously baked in the tandoor.

Balti, chicken with red peppers and tamarind

Raita and minted yoghurt, mango chutney, lime pickle, pilaf rice and lots and lots of Naan!!!


Vegan options

Dal,  Samosa, Bhaji

Aubergine in madras spices with a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Cauliflower and onions in a cumin and coriander seed paste.

Red onion salad with coriander

Please book well in advance as we have limited space and lots of interest! Email is best :-