A black and white world

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It has finally snowed and snowed and snowed! I went up the hill to have a proper look today and found a black and white winter wonderland. It’s not much maybe 15 or 20 centimetres and it is really wet and heavy but it is snow and with a bit of work it should keep the pistes open for weeks!

I’m planning to get fit enough to be able to ski tour to the top of Kutelo by the end of the winter. today I managed to get as far as the Bunderitsa car park which is not very far.  To put it into perspective I am now fit enough to walk to the bottom of the hill! I need to get fit enough to walk to the top of the hill! It’s going to be a struggle!

If you believe all the hype on the snow-forecast sites it looks like the mother of all storms is on its way! 54cm of snow was forecast for Sunday, training might have to go on the back burner, if it turns out to be true I will mostly be ripping it up in the pow for the next week!

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