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    Posted on January 5, 2020 by in blog



    Yeah baby it’s January, silly season is over, a little break from cooking and some time for reflection. Memories of great times shared with our guests, smiles and laughter, even a tear as Dylan went back to school!

    But this isn’t just any January, this is the worst January we have seen in over 20 years, natural snow cover is at an absolute minimum the only thing keeping the show on the road is relentless snow making by Ulen. We have been lucky in that the hotel has been full of amazing people who have remained ridiculously happy in the face of adversity.  I can confidently say that this season has started with some of the loveliest people out there, staying here!

    So let’s not think about dry January, let’s not think about abstinence and diets, let’s not think about the lack of snow let’s focus on strong drinks, Cocktails!

    Two for One Tuesday are still a huge thing at the Avalon! From 6pm to 8pm every Tuesday.

    Free bar snacks and 2 4 1 on all drinks !!!!

    We’ve had some lovely surprises this winter, Bulgaria’s first craft gin,  Rustic Reserve craft 19 has exploded onto the scene. The Artisanal Beverage community  has been blown away by the arrival of Three Cents mixers ( who knew there was even such a thing as Artisanal Beverages I thought they were just mixers!) And most importantly my experiments with home made rum are going VERY well, if you are willing to wait 10 years The Avalon Dark and Stormy will be awesome!



    Gin is a big thing right now and what is the point of talking about Gin if you don’t talk about Negroni, This legendary Cocktail is making an appearance on our cocktail list this winter, I love these bright red bitter sharpeners, as a way to start an evening you couldn’t ask for a better drink, strong, tasty and refreshingly bitter! I like mine with equal quantities of Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth Negroni Cocktail Recipe  . I prefer to go with Tanqueray Gin  it is the queen’s gin of choice and if it is good enough for our beloved monarch it is good enough for me!

    Rustic reserve have come up with an Avalon version that we will unleash on the crowds sometime soon, made with their Craft 19 gin, Campari and a mix of sloe and winter gins instead of vermouth it is a fabulous little tipple!


    Three Cents

    After all the fuss about Fever tree tonics people are starting to realise that a sugar bomb in their splendid spirit isn’t exactly what they’re looking for. So along came a bunch of Greeks in waistcoats university degrees and some great chat! At first taste I fell in Love!!! Their tonic is just perfect, their Ginger Beer a perfect companion to dark rum.  They have veered off the straight and narrow a bit with their Pink Grapefruit Soda but only to arrive in a land of lusciousness!


    Two for One Tuesday are still a huge thing at the Avalon! From 6pm to 8pm every Tuesday.

    Free bar snacks and 2 4 1 on all drinks !!!!


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