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  • Eating and Drinking at the Avalon.

    Posted on November 13, 2019 by in blog


    Eating and drinking in Bansko Avalon:- We’re here for the mountains, the skiing, the boarding, the powder days and the touring.  The winter snows and the summer sun. We love Pirin and Bansko. We also love looking after our guests at the Avalon. We have been really busy over the last 18 months upgrading the hotel. I can’t wait for this winters guests to see it! I’ll be posting another blog about that when we are finished ( 3 more weeks to go!!!)

    Eating and drinking in Bansko Avalon:-We have been playing around in the kitchen while the builders have been here. We’ve had a few trial runs of dishes and events that proved to be a massive success! Guests loved our sparkling wine tasting,  the tapas were really popular and the summer curry and supper club events were sold out ever night!  We’ve tweaked some of our curry night dishes and added a couple of new ones. For the supper club we’ve found some fabulous new wines (Bulgarian pink bubbly anyone!!!). We’ve also tweaked the menu for the supper club a bit.

    All in all there is a load of news and some olds, I’ll give you more details below!




    As ever my summers are spent hunting for interesting Bulgarian wines. This year has been a blinder, some old friends have come up trumps and some new wineries have blown me away.  The guys at EM wines are consistently producing great wines in central Bulgaria. We tasted some of their sparkling wines for the supper club and they were awesome. The pink especially was just fantastic, the Brut world class. I bought a selection of their single grape variety wines for our bar as I just couldn’t resist. This selection is limited to just three grapes, Mavrud, Cabernet frank and Merlot all three are perfect examples of what Bulgaria does best! Great fruit flavours and a fine balance closer to Burgundy than bulls blood!

    Villa Yustina is one of my new wineries. I came across them for their sparkling wines and wow they are fantastic! Their wines are particularly fine, balanced and ridiculously easy to drink. Again I fell madly in love with the pink bubbly and would happily make it my every day drinking wine.  I am really looking forward to trying some of their reds over the next month and hope that I’ll be able to share them with you.

    Supper club in the summer was all about sparkling wines. Bansko in the summer is hot and sunny during the day and pleasantly warm in the evenings. I didn’t think people would be up for a big heavy 3 course meal with the bubbles so we served a huge selection of Tapas. Some classics that I picked up from Galicia last summer and some very Bulgarian nibbles, all served on our home made sourdough bread.  It was such a success that we will now serve Tapas for free all the time when you order drinks at the bar!

    Supper club is every Monday night at 7:30pm we serve three courses of Bistro food with 3 different wines. 45leva a head, you will need to book in advance on :- please find a sample menu below, the food and wine will change a little bit week by week, but there will always be duck and bubbly!



    A bacon and walnut salad.

    Roast Duck with Dauphinoise potatoes.



    EM Wines Sparkling Pink,

    Enira Merlot,

    4Friends Sauvignon Blanc.



    Due to really high demand we have been doing lots of curry nights through the summer, the garden has proved a huge asset and the log pile a great buffet table!  There are more and more vegans in Bansko at the moment so I have been playing with some vegan dishes.  Nearly all the food I ate in Sri Lanka was Vegan (my meat dishes are all from Pakistan or Afghanistan)  so it has been a great pleasure to revisit some of these dishes.  Sri Lanka was a very happy time for me, palm trees, white sand beaches and lovely people combined with amazing cooking! Heaven!!!15

    The first new dish I have added to our buffet is a Sri Lankan green vegetable curry from the east coast. A mix of green sweet peppers, green chilli peppers, white onions, courgettes, ginger, garlic and coriander all simmered slowly in coconut milk.  There is a mild spice mix added for a depth of flavour but the real star of the show is the balance between the chillies and coconut. I’ve kept it mild for the Europeans but there is still a little bite!

    18The second dish I am ashamed to say has been tweaked massively. The original dish is from the southern tip of Sri Lanka, a beautiful oceanic paradise and a bit of a surfers mecca.  Aubergines are braised with red peppers in a rich tamarind sauce with a bucket load of palm sugar. The sauce is then cooked until there is no more water and only a rich sticky unctuous mess of aubergine peppers and sugar.

    Avalon Curry nights are every Thursday and Friday throughout the winter and often on Wednesdays too! It’s a buffet, we serve the starters on the tables at 7:30 and the main buffet at 8pm. There are 4 starters, Samosa, Onion Bhaji, Papad, Sukuti, as well as Raita, Lime pickle, Mango chutney, Lassi and onion salad.   The main buffet consists of 9 different curries from all over the subcontinent. Rich hot chilli based sauces from Kashmir, creamy coconut from Hunza,  rich and sour butter chicken from Delhi and dry spiced Tandoori from Lahore. There are a few dishes I picked up in the high Himalaya and a couple from the beaches of Sri Lanka.  Everything is served with Basmati rice and home made naan.

    Curry nights are every Thursday and Friday and start at 7:30pm, 35leva a head, you will need to book in advance on :-


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