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National Park Pirin offers some of the best hiking in Europe 

Lakes and mountains designed for hiking, untouched wilderness, bear, wolves. Our in house guide is ready to show you the way. 

Summer or winter, the hiking in National Park Pirin is unique.  We have an exceptional group of guides to look after you while hiking in the mountains. For summer hiking the trails are well marked with colour coded blazes which allow even the most inexperienced trekker a chance to try some of the more popular trails. The easiest and most used trails all start from Vihren Hut  . From Vihren hut there are short walks past the Lakes, Okoto, Ribno, and Muratov. There is a good description and photos of the trek HERE

For those of you looking for a longer trek Vihren Hut also offers some tougher trails. The 3 hour 1000m hike up Mount Vihren is a tough but non technical day out. Allow 6 hours for the trip (3 hours up and 3 hours down) The trail is well marked with red and white blazes starting from the Vihren Hut spring. The trail diverges after about 15mins of walking. One route heading right towards the north face of Vihren and from there on to the summit, the other breaks left around the south face. I would suggest going up the north face route and down the south face. The views of the north face are spectacular!

Another option from Vihren Hut, is the Damianitsa valley trail, 6 or 7 hours. This is a long route but with less climbing. Probably the best lake walk in Pirin passing nearly 10 lakes (depending on your route) including two of the most beautiful! Follow the Green and white blaz\es from behine Vihren hut, crossing the river just above the hut. From Damianitsa hut follow the blue and white blazes down to the main road and hitch hike back to Bansko from there.

For the more Adventurous!

High mountain guides for winter routes

Winter routes on the North Face of Vihren

Long Distance summer trekking in Pirin

European Long distance hiking trails in Bulgaria

Here are some photos of my trips……