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  • Ski Bansko winter 2015/16

    Posted on December 8, 2015 by in blog

    Ski Bansko winter 2015/16

    Great news if you want to Ski Bansko winter 2015/16

    Ulen have some great new ski passes this year, with a focus on independent travellers, families, regular visitors and apartment owners Bansko is more attractive than ever !

    chalin valog

    Chalin Valog nursery slope

    bunderitsa polyana

    Bunderitsa Polyana nursery slope

    Children under 7 will be able to ski for 1 Leva per day. Yup you read right 50 euros cents a day for children to learn to Ski! The ski area at Chalin Valog half way up the mountain has always been a lovely place for the little ones to learn. With quiet slopes and a couple of nice places to eat and drink this is where I taught my son to ski. The cheap lift pass means bringing your 3 year old just to play in the snow doesn’t cost a penny. (well it does 19p to be exact!) Bunderitsa Polyana with its magic carpet lifts and lovely long drag is a great next step up for slightly bigger kids and the huge selection of restaurants and bars there mean the little ones can koin the rest of the family for lunch for still only 19p a day!

    With the focus still on families, the ski resort now offer family season passes where your first child skis for free! If you own a place in Bansko or visit for more than 14 days a season this little beauty will save you a bob or two but more importantly it means you don’t have to queue! A premium ski pass fast tracks you onto the main gondola lift and means your first child skis for free! BONUS!!!

    The normal Bansko season pass is now back unlimited skiing for 1500 leva. Fancy a couple of hours on the slopes over lunch? Go for it! A quick burn around the slopes from 8am until 10am? Go for it! Last lift up for a bit of dusk back country? Go for it! Do you live in Sofia and want to come for a few days every month? Cheeky mid week breaks for you Greeks just over the boarder, why not? Macedonians, Serbians, Romanians why bother going to the Alps for a week when you can come to Bansko every weekend!

    Ski Bansko winter 2015/16



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