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  • Ski equipment 2016

    Posted on October 29, 2015 by in blog

    Ski equipment 2016

    I’m am unashamedly a skier, I wont talk about snowboard gear as I don’t have a clue but when it comes to ski gear I have a clue. I have slightly more than a clue, I have issues! I’ll spend about a month of my working life each year ogling gear porn, new jackets are my favorite but boots do it for me as do skis, axes, crampons, bib pants and merino ooohhh merino woool so soft so light so warrrm …When rich uncle Freddie dies and leaves you a fortune here’s some pointers on how to blow it all in a oneer!


    So goddam cool it hurts Norrona is the sexiest thing to come out of Norway since the vikings. Founded in 1888 hit the trend in the rest of europe recently. They have a system called the  “Norrona concept” which basically comes down to what you will be doing with their gear. Posing around town = x Ice climbing = y Free ride skier = z.

    Their concept really helps you focus on what it is you are looking for. I’m a fat bloke, when I’m skiing down hill or climbing uphill I’m producing tons of sweaty heat which gets trapped in the jacket/helmet and goggles, on the lift this wet heat then sucks all the warmth out of me and I feel miserably cold. The Polak riding with me doesn’t get this hot so doesn’t sweat as much so doesn’t freeze on the lift. Our equipment needs differ. I go for the Norrona concept of  “Flaketind”  many different lightweight, thin layers that can be added or lost as the temperature changes. A normal freerider would probably go for “lofoten”  heavy duty layers that are warmer.

    rab logoRab are shamelessly hardcore,  you go on their site looking for a ski jacket and you are a wimp. Back country ski jacket? Wimp! Extreme ski jacket? Wimp!

    Rab make gear for , Expeditions, Alpinism, Ice Climbing, Rock climbing or Endurance!!! Don’t worry mear mortals are allowed to shop here but you are buying into a world of hardcore! Their kit is made for professional winter sports athletes and the quality is second to none. Their prices are pretty reasonable and the fact that they are British warms my heart!

    FYI as a skier you should be looking at the Alpinism section!!!



    ARC’TERYX I love you! So so so sooooo cool even your name is unintelligible! There’s a goddam apostrophe in the middle and an “X” at the end ! You have a lizard skeleton thing for a logo, a little wee comes out every time I go on your website!

    Cool aside they also make amazing gear. I actually bought a pair of their trousers, 350 pounds worth of 1 mm thick goretex trousers! The best purchase I have ever made, they have served me well for 15 years summer and winter, this is a brand to invest in. You are not buying gear with these guys you are investing in a better world a world that is not only cooler, dryer and lighter but a world that is indestructible and just better! A world that is significantly poorer! Pray that Uncle Freddie invested wisely because if you like these guys you’ll need deep pockets.



    You will never see icebreaker gear on the mountain, it is right in there next to the skin of anyone who knows anything. Warm, wicking softness and amazingly, smell free! Yup I tested this to the max, for 20 days, 24 hours a day I wore one set of icebreaker leggings and a long sleeve top while trekking, did they smell at the end ? Nope they came out smelling lovely! You want to be warm? Layer up with icebreaker.


    There are some things I have tried and tested over and over again, gear I replace with the same thing time after time. This is stuff I will never change and recommend to everyone:-

    Skis K2, Gloves Hestra, Boots Dynafit, Goggles Salice , Transceiver Mammut 


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