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mountains1The perfect winter holiday! Bansko is the premier winter resort in Bulgaria and probably the best in eastern Europe. Offering you the longest ski runs, modern lift system and unique local culture all at super low prices. The majority of the skiing in Bansko is on the north face of  Todorka peak 2746m. From the village  Todorka looks like a triangular or pyramidal mountain. In reality she runs directly south from the north face, offering a huge range of back country skiing. At the foot of the mountain where the gondola lift drops you off there is a state of the art biathlon course for cross-country skiers of all levels.

skiing in bansko

skiing in Bansko

Alpine Skiing in Bansko.

Most people come to Bansko in the winter to ski on piste, Alpine skiing. Hugely popular and easily accessible this is probably the king of alpine sports. Bansko offers something for everyone. Long easy beginners slopes. Steep well groomed Black runs. Huge gentle meadows for people just starting out and plenty of bars and restaurants to recover and share tales of daring do! For all your needs when it comes to skiing here please contact George and his team at BANSKOSKIMANIA 

ski pistes in Bansko

Bansko ski pistes

 Free ride.

This is more my thing! I have spent nearly 20 years living in ski resorts so can claim to have advanced a little beyond the nursery slopes! Some people never get tired of trying to improve their technique black runs, some people get drawn off into the hills and the world of ski moutaineering. For me, for now, Free Riding is what it is all about!

todorka1Bansko offers some great options for lift accessed back country skiing. The Bunderitsa gullies falling west from the main ski area, the north face of Todorka, the south west and south east faces of the Todorka ridge line, the south face of little Todorka  all have given me amazing days out. A word of warning! This is a dangerous game, people die all the time and if you are not 100% certain in what you are doing use a guide. I recommend George from FREE MOUNTAINS .Free Ride Skiing

 Cross country.

Bansko might only be a small town but we have our moments of glory! Irina Nikulchina a local girl who went to school with my wife over came all obstacles in 2002 to win a Bronze medal in the 10 km Pursuit competition at the Salt Lake City winter Olympics.  Irina has dedicated a huge amount of her time and effort over the last 10 years trying to promote winter sports for the young people of Bansko. Purely due to her efforts Bansko has hosted world class international events for Biathlon including the European championships.  Thanks to Irina the Bansko town hall and the ski concessionaire have built 12km of biathlon track and shooting range.  This is open to the public. If you would like to use it speak to the cash desk or ski hire office in the main gondola building.

 Jump Park.

Bobby who manages the jump park has excelled himself this year. Amazing jumps for every level of skier and boarder. The jumps are good, the rails great, the big air huge! For more information about Skiing in Bansko, local skiing conditions, equipment rental and more follow this linktodorka4