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  • Summer Suppers

    Posted on May 23, 2018 by in blog


    Summer Suppers


    The restaurant was properly busy this winter. With so many people asking about eating with us in the summer I’ve decided to do a few summer suppers!

    From late June to mid September we will be cooking three nights a week. It’s a similar format to that which we do in the winter, there will be some Indian, some French and a new night for us, a BBQ

    Please book well in advance as we have limited space and lots of interest! Email is best :-

    The phone also works from the 18th of June until October!

    :- 00359 74988399tequila-glazed-grilled-chicken-thighs-recipe-2a


    Monday BBQ nights 25 leva eat as much as you like, vegetarians half price!

    A proper Bulgarian evening as we love to do it, lots of meat, fire, veggies, drink and time. Bulgarian understand how to take their time over a good BBQ. Lots of salads and cold beer, lots of pork products and great company. The things I cook will vary, below is a list of what I normally chuck on the BBQ.

    Eat and Drink as much as you like, there’s no rush, kick back and relax in our garden!bbq



    Straight on BBQ:-

    Our famous ribs!

    Sajuk, a local hand cut sausage, thick and meaty with a hint of wild cumin

    Karnatche, our butcher makes probably the best Karnatche in the world! A thin coiled sausage, some red pepper, some mint, heaven!

    Kufteta, classic Bansko meat balls, mmmm.

    Bacon, thick slices of belly port cooked over an open flame until they are smokey and crispy.

    Pork neck steaks, probably the most under rated cuts of meat, beaten senseless with a hammer, spiced with a local mix  and grilled hard and fast on the BBQ these beauties are easily the tastiest BBQ cuts!tequila-glazed-grilled-chicken-thighs-recipe-2a


    I love chargrilled Veg! Salted aubergines marinated in olive oil, charred peppers, courgettes, mushrooms and onions galore!


    Shopska, summer green salad and cabbage and carrots.





    Tuesday is 2 4 1 cocktails

    Winter and summer Tuesday night is cocktail night! Two for one on our house cocktails. Probably the best cocktails in the Balkans, we have a real focus on quality, flavour. these are traditional cocktails, strong drinks that taste dangerously weak.




    Thurdsday night is curry night 35lv

    Summer means a lighter version of our curry nights with everything coming from our Tandoor! A focus on marinades and dry spices mountains of naan and light lemony onion salad! Below are some ideas I’ve had, I’ll be chaning the menu weekly depending on what they have in the market. tandoori

    Korma, chicken mildly spiced with mint and Korma paste.

    Kashmiri, chicken with a rich Kashmiri blend of spices and a kick of chilli.

    Afghani style chicken thighs with lemon cardamon and black pepper, mild and aromatic.

    Tika, classic chicken Tika with yogurt and tomato.

    Chili chicken, a home made blend of chills, cumin, red pepper.


    Vegitarian options


    Aubergine in madras spices with a sprinkle of brown sugar.

    Cauliflower and onions in a cumin and coriander seed paste.

    Red onion salad with coriander

    Raita and mint

    Lots and Lots of Naan!!!cooking-in-a-tandoor-oven






    Sunday Supper club 3 courses + wine 35 leva

    Supper club is one of my favourite nights. I’m a classically trained French chef and it is a chance to go back to my roots! For the summer I want the menu to be a little lighter. The salad is classic Gironde French, The main a lovely summer dish with a real focus on local seasonal veg. ( I’ll be foraging for the thyme when I’m hiking!!) For dessert my mothers Norwegian cream a light combination of yogurt, whipped cream and raspberries with just a little brown sugar on top!

    As ever for the supper club I will be showcasing a flight of Bulgarian wines A white, a Rose and a Red. We normally aim for a bottle of wine per person  but tuck in! I want you to enjoy yourselves!

    A green salad with duck , pickled cucumber and carrots, grated hard boiled egg, croutons and a sweet honey and mustard dressing.

    Chicken breast stuffed with herb butter and wrapped in bacon on a bed of char grilled seasonal veg a and thyme jus.

    Norwegian cream with raspberries.p501b6f79_0


    Please book well in advance as we have limited space and lots of interest! Email is best :-

    The phone also works from the 18th of June until October!

    :- 00359 74988399


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