When is Bansko at it’s best?

When is Bansko at it’s best? The simple answer is from the 20th of December to the 20th of April and then the 20th of June to the 20th of September. The complicated answer is much longer. Bansko has huge appeal all year round. There are a few hundred foreigners who are now living here […]

Freeride Backpack. Kit you need when you are off into the Backcountry

Freeride Backpack. Kit you need! I LOVE POW! We all love pow! To be honest Pow is what it is all about. Sick lines in fresh snow are just flipping awesome. There is a long learning curve you need to nail to really enjoy baccountry skiing/boarding. There are skills to be honed, fitness to be built […]

Ponderosa, Mountian biking Bansko

 Mountain biking Bansko For the first day of The Road to Nowhere MTB rally I decided to use a totally different part of our region. Traditionally for events concerning Mountain biking Bansko I have worked variations of established trails on the north side of Pirin. Some sort of mix between Perfect day  and Dead Dog  on day one and […]

The Road to Nowhere VI, Mountain Biking in Bansko

  What a weekend, highs, lows stress and happiness a whole world of emotion! The Road to Nowhere VI,  mountain biking rally in Bansko is now over! The gods were kind! Not too hot not too wet just enough mud to make it fun and a record number of entrants. I took part in Day II […]

Bansko Mountain Biking, Perfect Day

MTB Bansko

Bansko Mountain Biking:- Bansko is a great place fro mountain biking. Here at the hotel Avalon we have been making and promoting Mountain biking trails for nearly 10 years. The official mountain biking trails are limited to 176km of trails accessible from Bansko town but this is nowhere near the total extent of available riding. […]

The Scotsman. Mountain biking in Bansko

Mountain Biking in Bansko, Bulgaria. It’s strange how myths of mountains get under your skin. There is no rhyme or reason to it  but one morning you wake up and something has stuck in your head about a particular pass or peak. I’ve spent 10 years now wandering around the Pirin mountains trying to itch […]

The Road to Nowhere

  The Road to Nowhere, what is it all about? For most people it is a mountain bike rally that takes place at the end of July every year, for some it is a community of mountain bikers in Bansko but for me it has been/is a bit of a journey. I started out in […]