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  • Two for one Tuesdays

    Posted on December 4, 2019 by in Uncategorized


    Two for One Tuesday.

    All drinks are two for one on Tuesdays, along with free bar snacks from 6pm to 8pm.


    The Drinks!

    All our usual drinks are on offer  on Two for One Tuesday we have a great selection of Bulgarian wines, beer and Ales as well as the best Rums, Gins and Vodkas from around the world. I’ll tell you more about THE GIN in a bit!


    This year I’m really proud to be serving some new wines from Oriachovitza . I had a bottle of their Merlot in Plovdiv and deiced after the first sip that this was something you guys had to try.  We also have some blinders from 4Friends , as ever they are doing our house wines which at 28leva a litre I believe is fantastic value for money. I am waiting for a bottle of Bulgarian Port from them, if it is ready we will be serving it at our supper club. The last time I tried it it was still a little young but full of interesting potential.

    We did a few supper club evenings in the summer and really focused on Bulgarian Sparkling wines, EMwines topped the bunch with their quality ( but they know it and charge accordingly!) Magura   bewitched us with the complexity of their unique wine, but for me the real star of the show was  Villa Yustina . brut-roseThis tiny little winery nestled in the hills south of Plovdiv deserves some serious international acclaim. I just adore their Rose. Their bigger wines are outside my price range but the sparkling pink is really good value and slips down perfectly on a hot summers day. Subtle yet complex enough to be interesting this little pink beauty is for me what Bulgarian wine is all about. A perfect example of the land, the people and the country all in one beautiful bottle!

    I can’t really talk about wine in Bulgaria without mentioning our other big  love affair with Bulgarian wine Bessa Valley   also know as Enira these wines are some of the most well made I have come across outside France and Italy. Great big complex wines, perfectly balanced and put together with a skill and attention to detail that is rare to find anywhere, let alone in the back end of the Balkans!


    I’m really proud of our cocktails, they are strong, but don’t taste it. They are refined but not poncy. They are very old fashioned but still totally on message. I have had a passion for proper drinks from as far back as I can remember . My Father drinking  frozen gin and a splash of vermouth when he got home, my grandmother with her buckets full of pink gin 24/7 and Sunday night suppers of cocktails and a bite of cheese. Strong  good quality drinks have  always been a fundamental part of my life!

    Our cocktails here are in the same vein, very strong drinks that don’t taste it! So be warned, they are for sipping not shooting! We offer the classics Cosmos, Daiquiris and Long Island Iced tea ( probably the best in the Balkans!) We have a version of Jamie Olivers Margarita  only better, soooooo much better! there are a couple of odd balls just because I love them, a Martini with Żubrówka and apple? Or my version of a Caipirinha (it’s mostly Rum 😉 )

    I’m really proud to say that this year we have teamed up with a totally inspiring new venture making craft Gin so we will be offering a Negroni as well!


    Avalon mini naan come with a variety of toppings that change every week

    The Food

    Tuesdays wouldn’t be Two for One Tuesday. without  some awesome grub. we start with some naan from our tandoor. Tiny little mini naan that are fluffy and chewy. They get topped with cucumber pickled in soy sesame oil and salt. The rest is down to how we feel. Some weeks I’ll cover them in pulled pork, others it might be a giant meaty rib slow cooked for hours. If I fancy it something light like chicken in herbs and lemon yoghurt sauce.

    Every week it will be something different but always fresh and home made. We’ve made some hams again this year so they will appear when they are ready. There might be some sausages and salumi if I can get the butcher to find me what I want. Whatever happens there will be great food great company and great drinks.


    So I never do this.  But I’m doing it. I got a phone call from Lance Nelson from the Bansko Blog asking if I would like to meet some people who were making craft gin. My instinct was to say no, meeting another bunch of well meaning but incompetent new age weirdos who had woven some gin out of yogurt really really didn’t appeal. But to keep Lance quiet I agreed.

    gin3The guys from Rustic reserve didn’t have beards, they didn’t have sleeve tattoos either. They turned up early and presented their gins, allowing the product to do the selling. Yes there was a little bit of chat about it all being Bulgarian, local and sustainable but that’s to be expected. What I didn’t expect was the quality.

    There is a lot of chat about gin at the moment and there is a load of hype and marketing but what Rustic Reserve have done with their craft 19 gin is to produce a perfectly balanced sipping gin. This is the sort of gin that my father and grandmother would love. Drunk neat at 09:00, warm, it was fabulous, a huge spectrum of Bulgarian herbs and flavours balanced behind a good dose of two types of juniper and a splash of lemon balm. Awesome awesome gin!

    They have then gone on to make two types of slow gin. One with traditional Bulgarian sloes the other with a red sloe called Cornels. Both are fabulous. Slightly off the script is their winter gin loaded with Choke Berry (Aronia a kind of super food!) it is off the scale dry and tart. Not great for sipping but frankly perfect for adding to cocktails!


    Two for One Tuesday.

    Every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm during the winter season, free bar snacks and two for one on all drinks.







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