The Living

Co-Living at the Avalon is a community based dream for us in Bansko.

The Aavalon is all about your home for the season!

We’ve got some pretty cool spaces. There are areas to chill out after a busy day either at work or in the hills. There is plenty of space to cook and eat together.

The sofas in front of the fire or in the green corners are cozy. The garden is a great space for lazy summer days, outdoor cinema or BBQ’s. The spa/yoga zone is ideal for a bit of me time!

The The lobby bar is open in the evenings from 5pm to 9pm if you want to meet other residents or get your friends round for a drink.

The kitchen is a big commercial affair with all the space and kit to make it easy for you to cook for one or 100 people! There is enough space in the living room for everyone to eat and work and invite friends over.

Downstairs we’ve got a sauna and hot tub, yoga space, massage room and masseurs.  In the ski room there are lockers for everyone and a ski/board/bike service station.  If you need fixing or your toys need fixing here’s the space you need!


The working

Co-Living@AvalonBansko has exceptional fibre optic business internet at 50Mbs.

The tables downstairs are ideal for communal working. The Offices in the mini apartments are perfect for Online Language teachers. In the summer the garden makes a great open plan office.


Events at the Bar

Tuesday nights we have an open bar for all! Everyone living and working in Bansko is welcome. It is 2-4-1 on all our drinks and we offer free bar snacks! Pulled pork, Vegan Caponata, The Best Ribs, Hummous and Naan. Tuesdays are a fun night to get to know locals and visitors alike.

Co-living supper club

Supper club, once a week we try and get a crowd together to try some Bulgarian wines and eat some nice food. We cook together, we eat together, we drink together, friends are welcome! I have some great contacts in the Bulgarian wine world and can get hold of some really special wines at reasonable prices

Co-living curry night

Curry nights Once a week I cook an Indian buffet, I have lived in the sub continent for many years and cook a LEGENDARY curry. Normally it is a buffet of 4 starters and 8 different curries, half and half veg and non veg! Friends and non guests are welcome !