I am now pretty certain that this is the worst start to a winter season I have ever seen. It feels like a lifetime ago that it last snowed the mountains are more brown than white and the only reason there is any skiing at all is because Ulen have sucked the river dry making fake snow.  Add to this the fact that half of eastern Europe has decided to spend Christmas and New Year in Bansko and it means that what is open is rammed full of nutters sledging, walking and falling down the mountain!

Now I am no athlete, to be fair I am pretty fat but I do like to spend at least 3 days a week in the hills, cycling, hiking, skiing, walking climbing whatever it is I just really enjoy being in the hills. So with the lack of snow and packed pistes added to the fact the Ulen have limited the number of days I can ski I am trapped in town doing nothing and feeling a bit like a caged bear.

Yesterday I decided to address the problem head on and get my ski touring gear and go up the ski road. So with a bit of Verdi blaring in my ears and a load of frustration in my soul off I stormed! Stormed is the word I have never been so in the zone, technique perfect, muscles feeling rested I literally flew up the hill.  My boots are not the best fit for touring and rub a little however it wasn’t until I stopped that I felt that warmth in my ankles that says blisters. Rage and Verdi must have an aesthetic effect as I had trashed my feet  and didn’t even notice I was doing it.

So today to add insult to injury not only am I a trapped bear but I am a trapped bear with really sore feet!


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