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I don’t often go out in Bansko and I normally only go to places I know and love. My OCD is getting a bit embarrassing on this subject as not only do I tend to only go to the same places but we also tend to eat the same things there. At the log house we have to have the pork knuckle, Motikata the cornflake chicken with a side of spinach with sirenay, Mazata in Razlog? What would you order anything other than the ribs and green salad!

2014 is a new year and the start of a new decade for the Avalon. I have made some pretty rash resolutions, one of which is to go out more. So far this year the rarely spotted Aheneus Barba has been seen “out” in Hadji Georgi , Amvrosia, the chicken restaurant and even Pirin  75! Shocking I know, OUT, in the winter?! In new places!!! (I don’t think it will last) but in a fit of rash, wild unfettered hedonism WE, yes WE a group of friends not just Vania, Dylan and I, not just The Old Man and I but a whole group of people and I went OUT to somewhere NEW!

I’m a little confused about reviewing last nights adventure into “The New” as I am beginning to realise that restaurant reviews are about so much more than the food and the service. Last night is a perfect example, on one side we have the food and service described below but on the other we have our company. The Dearly Beloved, The Polak, The Northern Miner and the Bulgarian Babes, a lovely crowd liberally lubricated with some good Bulgarian red, you could have served us almost anything and we would have merrily chatted away into the wee small hours and then raved about the place the next day. I think the trick of a good review might be to go to the same place many times with every different combination of guests, as a group, on your own, with family, on business and on different days of the week but considering you can count the number of times I go out in a winter you are just going to have to risk our experience of a one night stand.

Lazur Steak house

5/5 Great steaks and Mexican food

Price 35lv a head for plenty of food and wine.

Service 5/5 friendly quick and unobtrusive staff. Felt like we were in a British restaurant with non of the “aww right mate” rubbishthat has infected Bansko. and lost of smiley attentive service

Atmosphere 5/5 Very busy place all the tables were full all night (on a monday) most tables were turned round once through the evening.

Food 5/5 “probably the best steak I have had outside Buenos Aires” (The Polak)  was the quote of the night. Salads were interesting,the  DB and I shared one with caramelised pears wrapped in Parma ham, if I was looking for fault it was a little over dressed but next time I will just ask for the dressing on the side. The Northern Miner had something mexican that looked and tasted great and one of the Babes had a chicken dish that again proved popular. The steakswere the main highlight, great beef, aged well cooked well and served with great classic sauces and chips!   The Bulgarian Babes, The Polak and I shared a couple of chocolate soufflé which were more like chocolate fondant but lovely all the same. Brandies, coffees, lots of wine and beer. We were still drinking at midnight and spent less than a normal night at a Mexhana!

This one night stand might turn into something more meaningful!



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